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Aerial Photo & Video by Drone – (UAV)

Service from the sky a birds point of view just for you

Drones (UAV) are seen as the photography and videography industries go to often capable for saving you significant sums of money on camera cranes by being able to reach angles of great view that make incredible aerial shots of landscapes and buildings.

Kurt is registered insured and certified in small unmanned aircraft systems part 107 Remote pilot operator requirements for local use for use of commercial photo video surveying and or other use within FAA legal boundaries. End-To-End Unmanned Aerial Systems (Drone) Solutions For Your Business or Project.

The technology’s list of uses is rapidly expanding into other sectors. Some of these include agriculture, stockpile management for quarries and mines, energy, utilities, and even insurance adjustments.

One Cut Productions LLC is a commercial unmanned aerial systems (UAS) operator authorized by the FAA for aerial services in the United States.

I Need Drone Photo / Video What’s Next?

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